Patron Membership Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I upgrade to a Patron Membership? A Patron Member is lovingly referred to as a “Zooporter” because you are not only a fan of the Zoo, but you are taking a step to becoming a supporter and a donor. Your donation helps us bring new world-class exhibits to the Zoo, provide outstanding, one-of-a-kind educational programming, and engage in vital conservation research. And because you’re a donor, you not only get the same benefits as a Household Membership, but you enjoy special perks like admission to the Stingray Beach, the Wildlife Safari Park, guest passes, unlimited rides, nanny add-on, discounts on concessions and gift shop, and invitations to special donor-only events. See the full benefit chart for details.

What is the base level of Patron Memberships? Patron Memberships begin at $500, with increasing benefits at higher levels of support. We want to ensure that Patron Members receive an enhanced zoo experience so that you can see the wonderful ways your gift is put to work. Any amount above the cash value of your membership is a donation to the Omaha Zoo Foundation, and it is how we continue to improve the zoo, provide the animals new homes, and continue our conservation initiatives. Click here to learn more about the Patron Membership levels.

Is a portion of my Patron Membership tax deductible? The Omaha Zoo Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization as designated by the Internal Revenue Service. A portion of your Patron Membership gift may be tax deductible. The cost of goods and services for every membership is $313. Please consult your tax professional for your specific deduction amount.

Who is included in my membership? Admission with your Patron Membership works very similar to a regular Household Membership. You have two named members and the children up to 20-years-old living in your household (maximum number of children is 6). Patron Members have the additional perk of adding a nanny as well as bringing 2 additional guests with every visit.

What is a named member? The two individuals whom you assign as the first and second adult on your membership when you make the purchase. The two named members must live in the same household to share a membership.

Can my nanny take my children to the Zoo when I’m not with them? Yes, the nanny can utilize the membership when accompanying a named member’s children. Each Patron Membership receives two membership cards, so, to simplify admission you can give one of your membership cards to your nanny (the two named members can also use their IDs for admission). Just let us know your nanny’s name so we can add a note to your record by calling the Foundation office at (402) 738-2073. He/she will be asked to show a membership card and photo ID on each visit. Please note: the nanny is not a named member, so they must accompany the named members’ children to utilize the membership.

The Patron Membership allows me to bring two guests at every visit but also includes some single use admission passes. What is the difference? Named members can bring two additional guests every single time they visit. But sometimes you want to bring more than 2 people.  This is one of the best perks our Patron Members receive. You have more day passes to utilize to help others fall in love with your Zoo. Guest passes electronically sit in your account to be utilized when you check in at admissions. If you need hard copy passes because a named member may not be accompanying your guest, please just call our office at (402) 738-2073 Monday-Friday from 8:30a-5p and we can either mail them to you or leave them at Will Call at Guest Services.

Do my additional guests receive the same benefits as a named member? When a named member brings two additional guests, the guests receive the same perks as the named member including unlimited rides as well as free admission into the Zoo, Lozier Giant Screen Theater, Stingray Beach, and the Wildlife Safari Park. (Note: a named member with the unlimited rides benefit can receive rides bands for the number in their party that day, with a maximum of 10 rides bands.)

How do I utilize my unlimited rides benefit? Starting in 2019, $500 level memberships and above now include unlimited rides! To utilize this benefit, you must ask for your wristbands at Guest Services or any ride ticketing booth. Rides bands will be given to the number of guests entering on your membership that day, with the maximum number of 10 rides bands. The rides at the Zoo are the train, tram, carousel, and skyfari. These benefits hold no cash value and are not available for resale.

Does my patron membership include unlimited rides? Patron levels underwent a change in 2019. With the new base level of $500, every patron member (at that level or higher) will enjoy unlimited rides! Some patrons still have an active membership at the old base level which did not include rides. To upgrade your membership to receive the unlimited rides benefit, or if you have questions about whether your membership includes unlimited rides, please call Jayme at 402-738-2056.

How does priority registration work? Priority registration is a new, exclusive benefit that allows Patron Members the opportunity to register for select Zoo events and classes before the general public. Make sure you receive our emails so that you can utilize this benefit! You will receive a special link 24 hours prior to public registration that will take you to the registration portion of the Zoo's website. This will allow you to reserve your spot ahead of time. (Note: the Zoo's website may ask you to set up a membership login for priority registration access or discounted prices.)

How do I access the patron-only line at admissions? During peak season, there is a patron-only express entrance so that you can skip the general admission lines and start your Zoo fun faster! The entrance is located at the Main Gift Shop exit doors, where a member of Guest Services will check you in. Look for a sign marked “Patron level members express entrance” and be sure to have your patron membership card and photo ID ready for check in. This benefit will be available in the mornings from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. during peak season. If your patron membership also includes unlimited rides, you can stop by a register in the Gift Shop on your way in to print your unlimited rides wristbands for the day. Note: This express entrance can be used by named members, children, nanny, and two additional guests on the membership. For extra guests that would need to use your single-use admission passes, please visit Guest Services.

What is my webstore membership login? When visiting you can log in to access member prices for events or activity registration. To create a new account, have your membership card on hand. You will be prompted to fill in your account information and create a username/password for future use.

Can my high school age children use our membership benefits in my absence? If your older children visit the zoo without you, they can still use your membership if they are listed under your account. Older children may be asked for a photo ID to confirm they are under the same household address. Be sure to add the names of your children to your account so that you can utilize this benefit by calling the Foundation office at (402) 738-2073.

I lost my membership card. How do I get a replacement card? Members are asked to provide their membership card and photo I.D. on each visit.  If you have misplaced your membership card, please call the Foundation office at (402) 738-2073 to inquire about receiving a replacement.

Can I download a virtual membership card onto my phone? After downloading Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium’s app you can access a virtual membership card so you don’t have to worry about losing your membership cards ever again! After downloading the app, go to the “My Membership Card” and enter in the information associated with your membership, including your member number (to get your member number, please call the Foundation at (402) 738-2073). After that, simply stop by Guest Services during your next visit so that a Guest Services staff member can give you an authorization code. Make sure to bring a photo ID to complete the validation process. This virtual membership card can be used to access any of your membership benefits!

Why does admissions check my ID every visit? We check your ID with every visit as an additional safety measure to ensure that no one else is using your account or Patron Membership cards.

How do I use my concessions and gift shop discount? Show your Patron Membership card to a staff member at check out.

When does my membership expire? Memberships expire one year from the date of purchase. If you renew your membership before your current one expires, your membership will be extended 12 months from the original expiration date.

I just purchased a Household Membership, but would like to upgrade to a Patron Membership. To upgrade your membership please call the Foundation office at (402) 738-2073.

My membership level includes a behind-the-scenes tour. How do I schedule that? Please call the Foundation office at (402) 738-2065 with at least two weeks' notice on when you would like to schedule your tour and we can discuss what animal areas are available.

What is a premium behind-the-scenes tour? Premium tours begin at the $2,500 level, and include breakfast or lunch and behind-the-scenes experiences at two animal areas for eight guests. 

Can I reserve a parking spot for my Zoo visit? Reserved Parking is a benefit beginning at the $5,000 level. Simply call the Foundation office at least 48 hours before your visit, and we will send you a parking permit to reserve a spot. The parking spaces are located in front of the Robert B. Daugherty Education Center, directly North of the main gate and gift shop. This benefit is first-come, first-serve and limited spaces are available. 

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*All memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.*