Mar 16

HARCC, a Frog Partnership

In the threatened cloud forest of Cusuco National Park in Honduras, whole species of frogs are rapidly dying off from a disease called chytridomycosis (or BD fungus) and there’s a simple way to save them: round up infected baby frogs and give them an anti-fungal bath.

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Feb 23

Three Generations of Adopting

“When my kids go to the zoo, they know: that’s ‘Nan’s’ bear,” says Tara Oxley, who adopted Ho Ho, the sun bear, for her parents one Christmas and has been renewing the adoption every year since.

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Feb 04

Patron Membership Has Its Perks

Patron memberships are a fantastic, tax-deductible way to become more involved with the zoo and its huge impact on the Omaha metropolitan community.

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Jan 29

Share Your Love With An Animal

Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to show how much you care by adopting an animal. Whether you choose a pair of penguins (dressed for the occasion and usually mates for life) for your paramour, a butterfly or insect for a child you love, or a snake for good luck, there are endless possibilities to sponsor a zoo animal.

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Jan 29

An Update on Raise Wild

The African Grasslands will be the largest exhibit of its kind in North America – and the most ambitious project we have ever achieved at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium. We are truly honored to be a part of this unprecedented undertaking, which will be an educational and enriching experience for children and families, a hub of global conservation efforts and a boon to the Omaha community, for many generations to come.

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Jan 29

Africa Comes Alive in Omaha

Right now – and throughout the next two years – the zoo is buzzing with construction, and visitors have the unique experience of seeing a whole wide world come to life before their very eyes. We’re talking, of course, about the 28-acre African Grasslands project, and it’s moving along at full gallop. This spring, there will be a new guest path open so that visitors have a front row seat as the action unfolds. For areas that are blocked, we’ve already installed shade cloth with photographs of the master plan printed on them to give everyone a sense of coming attractions.

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Nov 26

Baby Boom

Check out all the recent births.

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Nov 25

Gift Ideas for the Animal Lover

Give the gift of wildlife this holiday season.

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Nov 11

The Patron Membership Program's New Look

The Patron Membership Program has a new look - and a new name!

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Oct 16

Help Us Raise Wild!

Our most ambitious exhibit ever - the African Grasslands project.

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Oct 13

Animals Need PR, Too

Read Earth & Wine attendee Jenna Gallagher's perspective.

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Oct 04

Zoofari nominated by Metro Magazine

Zoofari has been nominated for The Big Event (VOTING CLOSED).

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