Mar 12

Share What Matters With Share Omaha

The Omaha Zoo Foundation is excited to have partnered with Share Omaha on a new and interactive way to support Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium.

Launched in 2019, Share Omaha is an innovative model of philanthropic giving that connects nonprofits directly with the community. Omaha is only the second city to pioneer such a program.

“Share Omaha is so unique because it gives us the opportunity to create an ongoing “wish list” of what the zoo most needs right now,” says Beverly Hinrichs, stewardship coordinator at the Omaha Zoo Foundation.
Visitors to the Share Omaha site can find out about upcoming events at the zoo, apply for volunteer opportunities, make financial donations and purchase items that our keepers and animals need to fulfill our mission of being lifelong stewards for animals, their habitats and their conservation.

“I think people will appreciate seeing how their support impacts specific animals,” says Hinrichs, noting that some of the items already purchased include a bubble machine for Bodo the sloth bear, gigantic Kong balls for our elephants, and a popcorn machine for our orangutans and gorillas. “These enrichment items help stimulate natural behaviors and senses in our animals, keep their minds and bodies active and help them develop problem solving skills.”

Plus, so many of them – like firehose lanyard for our Indian rhinos – are a lot of fun to watch the animals enjoy!