Jul 27

An Elephant Plaque Never Forgets

Dorothea Brady, who has been a longtime patron of the Omaha Zoo Foundation, had never had her name displayed near an exhibit before.
That all changed, though, when the elephants came. As soon as the opportunity to purchase a customizable, personalized elephant plaque arose, Brady knew she had to have one. “It's because we went on safari with Doc and I fell in love with those darned elephants,” she says with a laugh.
Of course, you don’t have to have been on safari to support the elephants. The plaques are available to any person, family or organization who wants to be part of the historic return of elephants to Omaha. “It’s something so great that we have the elephants here,” Brady says. “But I know feeding and taking care of the elephants has expenses associated with it each day.”
If you’ve visited the elephants in their new home, you’ve probably seen them constantly in feeding mode. Since they were rescued from drought-stricken Swaziland, 24-hour access to food and water is very important. In addition to feeding each elephant, their habitat needs to be maintained and their medical needs met. All of this will be funded, in part, by the generosity of our zoo plaque donors.
In return, plaque sponsors will have their name or that of the loved one they are honoring featured on a plaque in the exhibit foyer display inside the new Elephant Family Herd Room, showing the entire community that they helped make it possible for elephants to live in Omaha.
Brady, who first visited Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium in 1957 when there were only a few animals in cages and the iconic brick house that still sits on the grounds today, says she was happy to be able to include all of her grandchildren’s names on her plaque, “It's so nice to be part of the zoo's history.”
The entire community is excited about the return of the elephants, and the elephant-shaped plaques are already going quickly. Space is extremely limited and is expected to sell out before summer is over.

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