Oct 20

A New Way To Be Part of the Zoo Family

For the past 25 years, families, organizations and individuals have supported Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium through our Adopt-an-Animal program. Their generous sponsorship has been invaluable to the zoo’s mission of animal care, conservation and education. What’s more, many consider adopting to be such a rewarding experience that they have made it a tradition year after year (you can read some of their stories here, here and here).

“Outside of Zoofari (the zoo’s major, biannual fundraising event), the Adopt-an-Animal program has historically been one of the most important ways that the general public can support the zoo,” says Omaha Zoo Foundation Executive Director Tina Cherica. Gifts to the Adopt-an-Animal program help us continue to provide extraordinary care to all our animals.

The ZooMama and ZooDaddy program, is a new approach to the zoo’s Adopt program that aims to deepen the connection that adoptive “parents” have with their zoo animal. In addition to an adoption certificate, a photo of your favorite animal, and a ZooMama or ZooDaddy sticker, you can also add swagger to your bragging rights with an exclusive “I’m a ZooMama or ZooDaddy” card.

If the look of ZooMama and ZooDaddy feels familiar, it’s because it’s building off of the success of the Be a Zooporter patron member campaign that the zoo rolled out in 2015 (and which has helped increase patron memberships by 68 percent so far).

But ZooMama and ZooDaddy was designed to be even more personal. As John Hayden, the creative director for Agent PR, which developed both Zooporter and ZooMama and ZooDaddy, says, “When you make an adopt gift, you are helping the zoo properly care for the animal.”

Visit omahazoofoundation.org to see the updated website and the new and improved information about each animal. “This is a way to make people feel engaged, both nationally and locally, with the zoo’s mission of conservation and education. And the beautiful images really capture the majesty of the animals.”

To become a ZooMama or ZooDaddy, please click here.