Mar 27

Patrons Take Part in the Zoo’s Future

During our spring patron membership drive, which is happening right now, we often hear from longtime patrons who have seen the effects of their support over the years.

“We have patrons who have been with us for five or ten years or more, who can look back and say that they really had a part in bringing Africa or Asia or the education center to life,” says Kiley Thiele, director of development for the Omaha Zoo Foundation.

This year, patron memberships are supporting a number of exciting projects happening at the zoo, including the Asian Highlands exhibit, the renovation of the Carousel Plaza and Red Barn Park and the improvements happening at the Wildlife Safari Park.

Patrons also get to enjoy additional perks, included nanny admission, the ability to bring two additional guests on each visit and invitations to special events. “The perks are our way of making sure that every patron member understands how much we value their support,” Thiele says. “We especially love to invite them to special events because it keeps them in the loop of what’s happening at the zoo… what their investment is helping us do.”

Thiele says that the Foundation needs to raise nine million dollars this year, and the goal is for one million of that to come from patron memberships. “If enough people give $300 or more, it can add up to a one million dollar project in a year,” she says. “We hope all of our patron members are proud of what they mean to the future of the zoo.”