Imagine a wondrous place where kids build a love of science through an encounter with animals and nature. 

Imagine we build this place at Omaha's Zoo. An immersive educational center that takes kids far beyond the everyday zoo experience. 

Young minds of all ages will tap into the majesty and mystery of the natural world at the Education and Exploration Center - an interactive, outdoor learning experience that will combine scientific, hands-on interactions with the flexible education space of a 44,000-square-foot classroom facility. 

From elementary to the high school level, specialized programs will touch the lives of 9,000+ students every year. Adventure trails and impromptu, face-to-face animal encounters will reach countless more, shaping tomorrow's wildlife enthusiasts, ambassadors and conservationists. 

An amphitheater will play home to animal demonstrations sure to capture more than just attention. They will offer kids an opportunity to see and feel firsthand awe-insporing creatures that inhabit our natural world. Exploration will continue online with a website dedicated to further building and feeding kids' curiosities. With your help, Omaha's Zoo can take kids beyond the average zoo environment. We'll be enlightening our future leaders and investing in our planet. This will be a Z+ experience: the zoo enhanced for education. 


What happens when you flip the classroom on its head? You create an educational experience unlike any other in Nebraska: the Education and Exploration Center. If you care about providing these life-changing opportunities, we encourage you to donate today!