Support the Elephamily

You can help enrich
the lives of our new
elephant calves.

Welcoming one new elephant calf to Omaha's Zoo is wonderful. Welcoming two new calves is wonderfully amazing! It gives the entire Zoo family the unique opportunity to help raise these two little bundles of joy. From enhancing their habitat to making playtime as enriching as it can be, there are many ways you can contribute and be a part of their lives.

Elephant calf standing in front of an adult elephant

Your donation will help provide the items on our elephant wish list:

  • Enrichment play items, from balls to toys to giant logs.
  • Feeders, hay nets and stable grazers.
  • Warm water hose lines for bathing and medical care.
  • Additional cameras for monitoring.

Your donation will also allow us to launch the specialized veterinary care needed for elephant infants.

photo of an toy elephant

Adopt-an-Elephant Limited-Time Special!

A wonderful way to show your support is to become a “co-parent” of our new calves, right alongside moms Claire and Kiki. For just a $75 donation, you get an incredible package:

  • Special-edition elephant plush toy
  • Personalized adoption card
  • Printed photo of Eugenia and Sonny

Supplies are limited, so adopt today!

Elephant Calf feeding

The two new calves and their moms, Claire and Kiki, will certainly be busy the next few months. We plan to share plenty of videos as the young ones explore their new world and begin to develop, socialize and become members of the herd. Check back often for new videos!